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When it comes to choosing a county judge, you need someone on the bench you can trust. For the past eight years, Campbell County has entrusted that job to Amanda H. Sammons.


Since being elected in 2014, Judge Sammons has implemented procedural changes making it easier for needy children in the county to be raised by responsible relatives rather than by the government. She's worked closely with community partners such as those at the Veterans Administration and at area rehab facilities to coordinate care and treatment for persons accused of non-violent drug offenses, and she diligently presided over WIN Court with a year-long grant from the MacArthur Foundation, helping women with children overcome drug addiction and have a new life. When the pandemic hit, Campbell County was one of the first counties in East Tennessee to respond as Judge Sammons developed and maintained a county courts website where citizens can access important information, print court forms, and even attend court online.


Most importantl​y, Judge Sammons believes every individual should be able to have access to the courts and that all persons should be treated fairly, without regard to their social status. That conviction affects everything that takes place in the Campbell County courtroom.


Judge Sammons has faithfully served the people of Campbell County in the General Sessions and Juvenile Courts, and she humbly seeks your vote this August.


Thank you.


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